Price List

Attention! Presented prices are PER DAY for the APARTMENTS and PER WEEK for the VILLAS.

Minimum stay is 4 days for the apartments and one week for the villas.

A 30% deposit of the total price of the stay is required to confirm your reservation.

You can use the online payment system PayPal to pay the deposit or make a bank transfer following our instructions. The remainder will be paid upon arrival at our facilities.

For more information, Contact us

  Apartment T1
max: 4 people
Apartment T2
max: 6 people
Duplex T2
max: 6 people
Villa Beatriz
max: 8 people
Villa Pedro
max: 8 people
AreiaSol Apart.
max: 4 people
Jan - Feb

March 30€/day 40€/day 40€/day

April 30€/day 40€/day 40€/day 650€/week 600€/week  
May 35€/day 45€/day 50€/day 800€/week 650€/week 35€/day
June 50€/day 60€/day 65€/day 1000€/week 850€/week 50€/day
July 1 to 15 60€/day 70€/day 75€/day 1000€/week 850€/week 60€/day
July 16 to 31 75€/day 85€/day 90€/day 1100€/week 950€/week 65€/day
August 80€/day 90€/day 95€/day 1450€/week 1250€/week 70€/day
Sept. 1 to 15 60€/day 70€/day 75€/day 950€/week 850€/week 60€/day
Sept. 16 to 30 45€/day 55€/day 60€/day 750€/week 650€/week 45€/day
October 35€/day 45€/day 50€/day 650€/week 600€/week 35€/day

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Payment accepted via PayPal or Bank Transfer

  • Vivenda Beatriz - up to 8 people
  • Vivenda Pedro - up to 8 people

Villas to rent
in Albufeira

Beside the Calipto Apartments, we also have two fully equipped villas available to rent during your stay in Albufeira.